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What do I have to do to book a room at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann?
What is the Best Price Guarantee?

A) Online reservation at the most convenient price (guaranteed best price)
Fast and easy in just 3 clicks. This helps us save time and that means you save too!

1) Online reservation system >>>
For a fast and easy reservation:
Use the online reservation system to guarantee a room at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann. It's easy and you'll save time and money! If you have any other questions, please call us. 2) Advance payment with credit card
3) You will receive a written confirmation
from the Chalet Hotel Hartmann within three hours (hours 8 am to 10 pm).

B) Reservation with telephone assistance (Tel. +39 0471 77 44 44)
The Chalet Hotel Hartmann reservation office is open from 8 am to 10 pm. The reception staff will be happy to help you. The hotel accepts payments with credit card, bank transfer or postal money order.
C) Reservation by fax, e-mail or letter
More time is required to use this system. Reservations received with this option will be processed in 4 hours.

Contact info:
Fax +39 0471 774477

Postal address:
Chalet Hotel Hartmann
Via Rezia 308 I-39046
Ortisei Dolomites - South Tyrol - Italy

What is the Best Price Guarantee? with guarantee is always the best way to make reservations at our hotel. The Chalet Hotel Hartmann, through, offers the best price guarantee. This means that we guarantee that no other site will offer you a lower price for a room at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann. Best Price Guarantee for services that can be booked at the hotel (ski school, ski service, taxi, mountain climbing guide, etc.) You will receive the best price off the price list.

What do prices refer to?
All prices are in Euro, and are per person per night and only include the overnight stay. You can personalize your stay with a wide choice of optional services, paying only for what you really use. Beginning on 1 January 2014, a local tax will be introduced in South Tyrol.
The local tax will be levied at all lodging establishments, on a per-guest (over 14 years of age) and per-overnight-stay basis.

Check in & Check out times
What are the hours of the Chalet Hotel Hartmann reception?
At the Chalet Hotel Hartmann the reception is open from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00 ( Booking office 08:00 - 22:00)

Do you expect to arrive late?
Please contact our reservation centre.

When can we check in to the hotel?
On your arrival day check in begins at 3 pm.

On our departure day when do we have to check out?
On your departure day you must check out by 11 am. It may also be possible to check out by 7 pm but only after making arrangements with the reception. In this case we will charge an additional price of Euro 20,00 per person.

Tip: for a problem-free late CHECK OUT, find out in advance if this service is available.

Will the online reservation cost be charged automatically to my credit card?
- Classic tariff: No, at departure
- NRR: Yes, upon reservation

Do I need a credit card to make a reservation?
You will need a credit card to make an online guaranteed reservation for your stay at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann (through

Can I make a reservation through even without a credit card?
At you must have a credit card to make a reservation. For a written or telephone reservation you can also pay by bank transfer. If you go directly to the reception without a reservation, you can also pay in cash.

What credit cards can I use to pay for my stay at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann?
The Chalet Hotel Hartmann accepts Visa and Master Card.

How are the cancellation policy at the Chalet Hotel Hartmann? 14 days before date of arrival: you can modify your dates, modify the guest details, add special request or cancel your entire reservation. If cancelled or modified up to 7 days before date of arrival: 50% (percent) of the total price of the reservation will be charged. If you cancel or modify later, and in case of no-show: it will be charged the total price of the reservation. In case of early departure or late arrival:
In low season: 100% of the total price of the reservation will be charged.
In high season: 100%of the total price of the reservation will be charged. In case of NO-SHOW: 100%of the total price of the reservation will be charged. Sicher buchen mit der Hartmann Hotels Reise-Storno-Schutz Versicherung.
We suggest that you take out a trip cancellation insurance policy
(5% of the price of your stay).
In this case you will be reimbursed for the entire amount of your stay.

In welchen Fällen sind Sie von der Reise-Storno-Schutz Versicherung gedeckt?
Plötzliche, schwere Krankheit, schlimmer Gesundheitszustand, der durch Unfälle oder Tod des Versicherten oder dessen Ehemann/Frau, Lebenspartner, Elternteil, Schwager/ Schwägerin, Söhne, Töchter, Brüder, Schwestern, Großeltern, Enkelkinder, oder eine Person dessen Namen in der Versicherungspolice angegeben wird.

Verschlechterung einer schon bestehenden Krankheit des Versicherten Schwangerschaft der Versicherten Unerträglichkeit der Impfungen des Versicherten Unerwartete Kündigung am Arbeitsplatz des Versicherten Unerwarteter Aufruf zum Militärdienst des Versicherten in der Zeit des schon gebuchten Urlaubes Einreichung eines Scheidungsaktes des Ehemannes/Frau Nicht erreichte Beförderung der Abitur/ Matura Prüfung des Versicherten, kurzfristig vor der Abreise zum schon gebuchten Ferienort. Große Materielle Schäden oder Einbruch im Eigentum des Versicherten oder in seiner Wohnung, welche dessen Anwesenheit unbedingt benötigen. Die Versicherung ist bis zu 6 Personen gültig. Diese müssen den Urlaub jedoch zusammen gebucht haben. Alle Beteiligten sind von der Versicherung gedeckt, auch wenn nur einer der oben angeführten Fälle nur eine einzelne Person betrifft.

Im Falle eines Schadens wird ein Zertifikat einer Behörde als Beweis verlangt (Anzeige, Ärztliches Zeugnis, Totenschein, u.s.w.)